Located in the Indo-Pacific basin, Malaysia is strategically positioned with regards to marine biodiversity. It’s no wonder why some of the highest rated dive sites in the world are found in these surrounding waters. Sipadan Island off the east coast of Sabah is the country’s only oceanic island, its waters home to more than 3000 species of marine life! For conservation purposes, it is one of the few dive sites in Malaysia that has a quota of 120 divers per day and permits are required. Also along the east coast are the islands of Mabul, Mataking, Lankayan and Kapalai. Swirling schools of barracudas, giant bumpheads, cruising Manta rays and odd-looking Blue Ringed Octopus are just some of the amazing marine life that make this a diver’s paradise.

Over in the Peninsular, popular dive sites include Perhentian and Redang off the coast of Terengganu and Tioman in Johor. Currents in the Peninsular are considered mild to moderate, while stronger currents may be experienced in Sabah. Want to take scuba diving to the next level? Consider wreck-diving or night diving (divers must have the required certification for the respective levels).


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