Caving enthusiasts can explore two types of caves in Malaysia: Adventure or Show. As the name suggests, adventure caves are left in their natural state allowing you to explore, climb, abseil and sometimes wiggle your way through. Show caves have been ‘redesigned’ with pathways, signboards and lights, making it easier for visitors to wander around safely. The majority of caves in Malaysia are limestone with formations of stalactites and stalagmites.
The Gunung Mulu National Park in Sarawak (also a UNESCO World Heritage Site) is home to some 295 kilometres of explored caves and home to millions of swiftlets and bats. The Sarawak Chamber is the largest known cave chamber in the world, measuring at 600m X 415m and 80 metres high. Tempurung Cave in Perak is a good combination of show and adventure caving: there are concrete pathways and steel staircases along the Golden Flowstone cavern but true spelunkers will want to explore the caverns through rivers. In Sabah, Gomantong Cave is known for its edible birds nest and the harvesting of these nests often draw quite the crowd. Gomantong is made up of two cave complexes: Simud Hitam (the more accessible of the two) and Simud Putih – where the valuable nests are found and perfect for seasoned caving-enthusiasts.

Whether it’s a stroll in the dark or wading through cavern waters, Malaysia offers plenty for the cave-lover. Be prepared to encounter a variety of cave-dwelling critters, including bats, swiftlets and thousands of roaches at a time. And watch where you step: these caves are known for tones of guano (bat droppings).


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